Shop Rescue™ is a groundbreaking new video series produced by EBITDA Growth Systems in cooperation with Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and world-renowned producer and videographer in the machining and manufacturing space. Our program follows the story of two brothers who own a machine shop and their struggle to drive profitability AND maintain a quality of life outside of work. Told in three installments, we chronicle the company’s journey from long hours and meager earnings to productivity, efficiency, and most importantly…a healthy bottom line.

Production began in May and shooting will wrap up at the end of November. Tony his team are busy editing together what we believe will be a first in our industry—content that is not only relevant to the advanced manufacturers, but compelling enough to attract and engage viewers outside of the machine shop world.

Keep an eye out for teasers and trailers about Shop Rescue™ that we’ll be sharing over the next several weeks and check back here for additional updates. We’re currently anticipating a release date in the first quarter of 2024.