A recent article by McKinsey & Company did a great job describing the seismic shift in manufacturing brought about by the global pandemic, advances in technology, and an increasing desire in this country for products that are made right here in America. To quote the article, “The stage is set for a manufacturing resurgence in the United States. Can the country’s producers make it happen?”

To truly lead this industry into the future, management skills and business acumen are absolutely essential. Our Next Generation Leadership training seminar on July 27 -28 is designed to help rising stars step up into leadership and ownership roles with confidence. Current shop owners will find this equally valuable in learning how to equip their teams to shoulder more of the load, free up time, and drive profitability into the organization.

EBITDA Growth Systems helps owners and managers improve operations, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately achieve business goals. Whether you are a startup or a small to medium-sized enterprise, you need a partner that can provide you with the expertise and resources you need to succeed in the complex and competitive world of manufacturing.