Machine shop owners are amazing people. They are ambitious, committed, and tirelessly committed to producing some astonishingly precise, high-quality parts for their customers. In our experience, owners who don’t invest in the necessary business acumen and management skills end up paying the price—not just in crazy long hours working, but in the overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability of the business.

The American manufacturing landscape is changing. Recent global events and a focus on American-made products have contributed to new era of opportunity for U.S. manufacturers. Machine shop owners and senior leaders need to be ready to capitalize on this dynamic, and brute force is not the answer.

To truly lead this industry into the future, management skills and business acumen are critical factors for successful owner/operators. Our Next Generation Leadership training seminar on July 27 -28 is designed to help rising stars step up into leadership and ownership roles with confidence. Whether you are an owner of a startup or a senior member of a small to medium-sized enterprise, you need this expertise and these resources to succeed in the resurgent world of American manufacturing. Hope to see you there!