Resolutions. We’ve all made them. Some of us have even managed to keep them…at least for a while.

Every January, millions of people the world over look to start the new year with these well-intended aspirations of self-improvement. Intentions are good, but almost inevitably they fall victim to busy schedules, other priorities, or just plain apathy. This year, however, we’d like to offer a new approach—one that has the power to make a real difference in people’s lives: Resolve.

Sure, the root word is the same, but there is world of difference between these two concepts. Probably the most obvious is the notion that resolutions, while a noble idea, are essentially just hopes that are ultimately destined to fail for lack of commitment. On the other hand, resolve is an entirely different animal altogether. One definition puts it this way:  “the firm determination to do something.”

When you have resolve, you are “all in” and, barring something unforeseen and beyond your control, you intend to see it through to completion even if the going gets a little tough along the way.  It reminds us of some other words we hear a lot in our industry like “grit,” “tenacity,” and “gumption”—qualities machine shop owners across the country have in abundance.

2024 is upon us and the future is wide open. If your company is ready for a breakthrough, there is no time like the present to commit to turning that corner to greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability by investing in business coaching, training, and back-office support.

It’s up to us how we will approach the next 11 months: with resolutions or resolve. Which will define you in the coming year?