Learning & Development

Lead with Learning and Profits Will Follow.

Our Elev8™ Success program is proven to perform.

Our exclusive Elev8 Success™ program features bi-monthly coaching and mentoring, world-class management training and development, and a robust annual business planning cycle that guarantees success.

The ELEV8 Success™ program is a comprehensive approach to driving profitability delivered through a series of strategically developed modules. These modules are designed to work as a system or, depending on your unique needs, as stand-alone components:

Business Strategy & Planning

We walk you through a number of topics including Strategic Outlook, Financial Planning, Marketing, Planning, Sales Planning, Operational Planning, Management Planning, and Succession Planning.

Managing Profits

Your bottom line is our priority. We address several key topics including Finance for Non-Financial Managers, and Scaling to Grow/Scaling to Exit.

Foundations of Leadership

Leadership development starts with five foundational topics: Flawless Execution, Masterful Communications, Trust & Influence, Visioning, and Coaching.

Management Essentials

We have identified nine critical topics that top-level managers need to know to help grow your bottom line: Understanding a Manager’s Role, Conflict Management, Delegation, Goal Setting, High-Performing Teams, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Negotiation, and Setting Performance Expectations.

Employee Growth & Retention

Investing in your people and making sure they stay is more important now than ever before. We offer six key trainings for employee growth and retention including Retaining Your Employees, Employment Law Basics, Delegation, Handling Conflict, Time Management, and Everyone is in Sales.

Operational Efficiency

We offer seven courses on operational efficiency and lean management principles: Critical Thinking, 5S, Five Whys, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA), Process Mapping, Quick Changeover (SMED), and Team Huddles.