Our mission at EBITDA Growth Systems is to impact lives by improving business performance. And while the idea of greater profits is certainly attractive, the goal for many machine shop and advanced manufacturing owners is something even more valuable: freedom.

Chasing the entrepreneurial dream has costs that have the potential to hold us captive if we don’t take the necessary steps to address them. Long hours at the shop, missing our kids’ sporting events or school activities, marital stress, and financial challenges often top the list—especially in the early going when what we lack in business acumen and experience we attempt to make up in enthusiasm, persistence, and commitment to pursuing the dream.

Growing pains are part of every entrepreneur’s journey, but that doesn’t mean you have to struggle under the weight of these pressures forever. The freedom most shop owners crave is intrinsically tied to another vital aspect of business ownership that you can control: profitability.

Without profit, everything seems overwhelming and impossible. When your shop is earning healthy profits, suddenly anything seems possible. You have margin, and not just in a financial sense. You have the flexibility and freedom to delegate to well-trained, trusted employees who are able and willing to share the load. And perhaps most importantly, you have more time for…everything. Family, friends, partners, ideas, recharging, exploring, new product lines, customer relations, business development—you name it. When the profitability pressure is turned down, creativity, relationships, productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction, and optimism all go up significantly.

As far as we’re concerned, profitability is the most liberating goal there is for an entrepreneur/business owner. If you’re struggling to break free from the things in your company that are holding you back, we should talk. It doesn’t have to be that way. With the right partner, the future—and the freedom—you always imagined is possible.

Here’s wishing you and yours a happy and safe Independence Day. Let freedom ring!