In May of this year, EBITDA Growth Systems began production of a brand new, groundbreaking video series called Shop Rescue™ that follows the story of two machine shop owners and their quest for profitability AND a quality of life outside of work.

In cooperation with MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn, world-renowned producer and videographer in the machining and advanced manufacturing space, the EGS team chronicles one company’s journey from long hours and meager earnings to productivity, efficiency, and most importantly… a healthier bottom line.

Location production is scheduled to wrap up in Q4 of this year with release of the program currently slated for January of 2024. Told in three installments, this content is not only relevant to the industry, but compelling enough to attract and engage viewers outside machine shop world.

We’re super excited about our Shop Rescue™ project and we’re grateful to our generous industry partners for their support: Paperless Parts, Aeroex, Blaser, Datanomix, EDGE Technologies, Jergens, and ProShop ERP.

Stay tuned for more updates!