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We Need a Culture Shift

We Need a Culture Shift

As Mike and I continue to talk about the gaps we are seeing in the machine trades, we notice one thing that is very standard, the need for more qualified personnel. Most people we talk to are looking to add a Milling specialist, a Lathe specialist, a Wire EDM...

A Customer Shift is Happening

A Customer Shift is Happening

We spend quite a bit of time traveling the Continental US, visiting machine shops and manufacturers of all kinds. Two constants I am seeing across all of these businesses are 1. A gap in supply chain where we are struggling to get materials in a timely fashion, and 2....

An Operational Shift is Paramount

In my 26 years of working for and owning machine shops I have worked to be a student of what works and what does not. I remember my first job in a machine shop. I was so thankful to have a job where I could learn something, and for this specific employer taking a...

Doubling the Bottom Line

What would you do with the extra money if you were able to double the bottom-line profits of your company?  You should take a minute to visualize what that might look like. Would you put more into savings for retirement?  Would you put more into a college savings...

Business Owners – More Alike Than Different

  It is probably appropriate at this point to share a very important message from our company. My partner Dave and I are two very different people –  I am black. Dave is white. I am a Democrat and Dave is a Republican. I pursued a formal education path that...

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