A Test Coaching

This is where we partner with owners and leaders of a business to work on the business.  As former owners and leaders of machine shops and trade companies we understand that we battle Murphy’s Law every day.  This becomes the whirlwind, and it can consume all of our time.  When we do not apply time toward working on the business this whirlwind will be perpetual and keep us from progressing the best way we can.  Coaching starts with a full day of On-Boarding where we come to your site to get to know you and your business.  What comes out of this is an outline of the 5 Plans (Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Management).  We use these plans to guide us through our (2) 2-hour calls that we have monthly.  This averages less than 2% of your working time per month.

If you have thoughts of selling your company in the next 3,5, or even 10 years Coaching is an engine that can be used to take your business to the next level.  Our coaching comes with our Guarantee to double the value of your business within 3 years of engaging us.

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